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Things to know about the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA)


Seisia is one of the indigenous communities in the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) of Cape York. Together with Bamaga, Injinoo, Umagico and New Mapoon


Alcohol restrictions apply throughout the NPA. The consumption of alcohol in a public place is not allowed. However, the consumption of alcohol is allowed in all areas of Seisia Holiday Park, with the exception of the car park area.

Restrictions also apply to the type and quantity of alcohol that may be purchased within the NPA. Purchases are limited to 2L of wine and 30 can carton of beer, OR 2L of wine and 24 can carton of premixed spirits.  These restrictions apply to each person on foot, also per vehicle, boat or aircraft regardless of the number of people in it. Within the NPA, you will only be able to purchase items that come in cans or casks. Items in glass containers are not for sale here.

Visitors are asked to ensure that any alcohol brought into the area complies with the regulations.

Palm Trees

Our beautiful tropical coconut palms also hold hidden danger. Falling coconuts may kill people or seriously damage property. Please observe the “Beware of Falling Coconuts” signs and do not stand, camp or park your car directly under a coconut palm.


Our seas abound with a richness of life that draws fishermen and women from across Australia and around the world. We wish to sustain fish stocks at high levels through sensible fishing practices and promote a “catch and release” policy for everyone. By all means, take home enough fish to eat that night. However, the practice of freezing large catches to take “down south” is not acceptable to the local population. We ask everyone to support us in maintaining the sustainability of our fishing grounds.

Turtles and Dugongs

The consumption of turtles and dugongs is an important part of “Ailan Kastom” (Island Custom). The populations of these animals are under threat from both human and environmental factors. We ask visitors to respect “Ailan Kastom” and refrain from the consumption of these foods, as they are precious and not essential to non-islander culture.


Saltwater crocodiles are a seldom seen but ever present danger. Crocodile signs are displayed at boat ramps and along the beaches. Please observe these signs for your safety and protection. Crocodiles are most active at night and during the breeding season. We advise against swimming in rivers or sea. When fishing, be sure to stand back from the water’s edge and do not stand on rocks or branches overhanging the water. Please do not dispose of fish waste in the water, as this attracts crocodiles.


Dress Code

Visitors are asked to observe the local social code and cover up in public places. So, gentlemen, please wear a shirt and ladies, please avoid revealing clothing. Of course in the Holiday Park, feel free to dress as you would usually dress when on holiday.

Sacred Site

Visitors may come across, or be shown, a sacred site during their travels over the Northern Peninsula Area. Please respect local indigenous custom, and refrain from taking photos.

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